Resources for Nonprofits during COVID-19


UMC is here to support the Midcoast nonprofit community. Below are steps we’ll be taking in response to the coronavirus crisis here in our Midcoast community.

NEW – Rapid Response Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UMC established a Rapid Response Fund. 100% of all donations received will go out as support for local nonprofits that are meeting the immediate needs of individuals seeking help in Knox and Waldo counties. The Fund is intended to provide stopgap support for local nonprofits that are under-resourced to serve a growing demand for their services. Donations are now being accepted toward this fund.

More info on the Rapid Response Fund can be found here >

Fast-Tracking 2020 Grant Awards

While we realize the importance of urgent and responsive funds, we also recognize the significance of ongoing operating funds for organizations dealing with the current situation. In that light, UMC will distribute the 2020 grants by June, three months ahead of the usual distribution schedule. Getting funds distributed quickly to those working on providing food, housing, healthcare, and other basic needs to our community is UMC’s highest priority.

Removing Restrictions on 2019 Grants

In response to the current, unforeseen needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, UMC is waiving all restrictions on our 2019 grants. If your organization’s grant was for general operating support or for a particular program, it is now entirely unrestricted.

This means that nonprofit grantees working on the front lines may now use 2019 grant awards for whatever will allow the organization to continue providing its much-needed services to our communities in this unprecedented situation.

Below is a list of trusted resources compiled by United Midcoast Charities and last updated on 8/26/2020. Please double check all information against current updates to be sure of accuracy.



Professional Support for Nonprofits Affected by Pandemic from Maine Association of Nonprofits:
Free help with pandemic-related challenges, such as SBA loans, human resources issues, strategy development and scenario planning, or navigating reopening rules. Get connected to a volunteer from MANP’s Rapid Response Team!



We know circumstances are rapidly changing, so we encourage our community to reach out with suggestions, questions, or concerns: We are always stronger together.