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The lives we touch: together we help make life better.

Learn more about how donations to UMC impact the lives of 1 in 3 residents of Knox and Waldo counties through UMC’s grants supporting the work of 50+ nonprofit agencies.

Neal – Trekkers

Rebecca – Parent Program

Giff – Restorative Justice Project

Ray – MCH Meals on Wheels

2021 Grants Results

Together, we provided:

  • 100,000 nutritious meals to food insecure people in Knox and Waldo counties.
  • Comprehensive reproductive health care to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured Maine people, 600 patients in Knox County and 500 patients in Waldo County.
  • 2,040 community members in Knox County and 2,420 in Waldo County received safety-net healthcare at their homes.
  • 570 children in Knox and Waldo counties received mentoring services, supporting higher aspirations, improved schoolwork, stronger social relationships, and greater wellbeing.
  • 500 residents of Waldo County given free end-of-life, non-medical support and assistance.
  • 70 individuals trained to provide coaching for organizations serving re-entry citizens in Knox and Waldo counties.
  • Community-based restorative justice and reentry support post-incarceration provided to 140 individuals in Knox and Waldo counties.
  • Through mentoring and positive social connections, 300 LGBTQ+ youth were supported in Knox and Waldo counties.
  • 110 students learned workplace soft skills including goal setting and achievement, leadership, followership, and teamwork.
  • 23 at-risk youth and teen parents earned high school diplomas.
  • 400+ Knox and Waldo County residents received hot, take-out style meals five times a week.
  • Domestic violence screening, support, and resources were provided to 150 residents of Knox County.
  • 425 low-income children and adults in Waldo and Knox counties received high-quality, affordable dental care.
  • Over 300 households (including 300 children and youth) transitioned to stable housing.
  • 2,820 Knox and Waldo County folks in need received pads, tampons, toilet paper and bladder pads.
  • Safe and affordable housing provided through the completion of 7 new homes.
  • 6,700 individuals taught skills for responding to and diminishing domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  • 2,200 Knox and Waldo County residents received high-quality childcare.
  • 8 childcare classrooms at the Y’s Early Learning Program in Rockport and Rockland completely filled.
  • Quality, consistent, and accessible healthcare was provided to 800 underserved Midcoast resident.
  • 225 adults and 500 youth in Knox and Waldo counties offered sexual violence prevention programs.
  • 4,200 boxes of food from the USDA Farmers-to-Families supplied throughout Waldo County.
  • 475 residents of Knox and Waldo counties received firewood.
  • 10,000 individual visits to over 4,000 households ensured much-needed food and energy assistance.