Workplace Giving

In addition to direct donations, UMC welcomes contributions from payroll deduction programs. Employees of participating organizations can either make individual contributions or participate in a payroll deduction plan. Often, employers will offer a matching funds or make a separate corporate contribution.

How do I sign up for a Payroll Deduction Program?
Contact your Human Resources/Personnel Department and ask them if your employer has a Payroll Deduction Program. If so, ask how you can enroll. If UMC is not on the list of agencies/organizations participating, you can request that we be added.

What if my employer does not currently have a Payroll Deduction Program with UMC?
To start a new payroll deduction program, someone from UMC will meet with management and employees of an organization to explain the program and provide information about UMC and the agencies we support.

With management’s permission, UMC will provide enrollment forms on which employees indicate how much they would like to deduct. The payroll administrator will deduct the indicated amount and send UMC a check for the total payroll deductions.

Add your employer to the list!
UMC can contact your employer and work with them to begin a workplace giving program. To get the process started, call us at 207-236-2299.

Participants in UMC’s Workplace Giving Program:

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