Together with family and friends of Emily Mecklenburg, Midcoast Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) unveiled the newly designated Emily’s Way on Saturday, June 8, 2024. The dedication of the street stands as a symbol of gratitude and remembrance, ensuring that Mecklenburg’s spirit of generosity will be honored and remembered for generations to come.

“We are deeply honored to dedicate this street to the memory of Emily Mecklenburg,” said Tia Anderson, Executive Director of MHFH. “Her legacy will be woven into the fabric of these homes, this neighborhood, and our city, inspiring us to continue her hands-on work of caring for our neighbors and building community.”

As a lasting memorial, her family has established the Broad Reach Fund at MHFH to support housing creation in Rockland and beyond. The fund has been generously supported by many of Emily’s family, friends, and colleagues.

Donations may be made to the fund in her memory to support efforts toward affordable housing. When complete the Firefly subdivision should house nearly 40 residents offering both rentals and homeownership options. Midcoast Habitat for Humanity has been a UMC grantee for more than a decade.

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