• When is the application deadline?
    The 2019 application period is from Feb. 4 – Mar. 5. Applications must be completed through our online portal, and submitted with all required attachments. We do not accept paper applications or proposals. Your completed online application must be received by 5 p.m. EST on March 5, 2019.
  • I do not have access to a computer for the online submission – what should I do?
    We have set up a computer station in our office for your use. Please call us to schedule a time to come in when you are ready to submit your application.
  • What is the application review process? 
    Applications are reviewed by UMC’s Grants Committee and Board of Directors. UMC’s Grants Committee performs an initial review in April and May. In June, Directors make visits to selected agencies and report on their findings. Selected agencies will present to our Board and Grants Committee in mid-July and our Board will vote on the Grants Committee’s final recommendations in August.
  • Do all applicants get a visit and/or make a presentation?
    No. We try to visit agencies every other year, or when questions arise. Presentations are generally requested of new agencies and those that have new programs or those from which we need additional information.
  • What grant amount can I expect? 
    Grants vary in scale in relationship to the proposal and focus area addressed and the philanthropic budget available for the year. The minimum grant awarded is generally $1,000.
  • When will I be notified? 
    We communicate our funding decision after the Board votes on the Grants Committee recommendations in August. This means that after your online grant submission is confirmed via email, you might not hear from us until late August or early September.
  • My application was rejected. Why can’t you fund my project/organization? 
    The UMC grant process is competitive in nature, with a priority on making meaningful impact in our areas of focus within Knox and Waldo Counties. We regret we cannot fund all applications we receive.
  • I’m having trouble/need help. Who can I contact?
    You may call our office at 207-236-2299 and we will either answer your question or direct you to someone who can help you!

2019 Grant Schedule 

February 4: Applications open at unitedmidcoastcharities.org

March 5: Applications close

May: UMC board members visit selected agencies
At least one week’s notice will be given if a visit is needed

July 18: Selected agencies present to UMC board
Presenting agencies will be notified by the end of June

July 25: Selected agencies present to UMC board.
Presenting agencies will be notified by the end of June

Late August/early September: Notification of awards and invitation to award event
Watch our spring e-news for a save-the-date

September: Community Celebration of 2019 Grantees!